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WHAT IS vte?

Virtual Tunneling Effect

VTE is a technology that has been invented to eliminate an important vulnerable link in data
security; the transfer, distribution and storage of security keys.

The technology utilizes newly
discovered architecture in the properties and behavior of matter to independently and
dynamically create identical security keys and authentication in a secure data exchange.

Only encrypted information is transferred.
Key theft is physically impossible, because security keys never exist in the data pathway, or on storage drives.

Cooperation with The University of South Florida

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WHY vte?

Innovative technology
Corporate data security solutions

The surprising truth about the existing SSL/TLS protocols, is that, even with several layers of security in use, the current system for validating trust is often based on unknown third parties. In addition, the fundamental key exchange process, PKI and the fundamental algorithms for key exchange, are now considered vulnerable.
VTE does not rely on these protocols.

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VTE can be integrated with any application
where a secure transfer of information is desired.

In summary, any secure data transfer including messaging, financial transactions can be secured via integration with VTE. For example a broad reaching dedicated VTE Mail Client, MS Outlook® and Active Directory® Integration are a few. Others include Data at Rest, VTE Firewall, E-Commerce, Mobile Commerce & Telecommunications, Grid Security, as well as music, film and entertainment media.

Secure Document Exchange

Secure Data Transfer
Secure Message Transfer

Secure Transactions
(monetary wires)

Secure Client
Remittance Services

Secure Text strings,
Commands, and Correspondence

API libraries are available and can be custom designed depending on the application.

The technology is OEM-ready for licensing or customization as a small office or enterprise based application for internal document or information exchange. It is also ready for deployment as a licensable core technology for worldwide applications including e-commerce, mobile commerce & telecommunications.



VTE Plugin for MS Outlook

The VTE Plug In for MS Outlook ® allows seamless encryption/decryption of messages generated in Outlook.

For larger entities, the VTE Plug-In is integrated with MS Active Directory®. The Plug in installs in seconds and becomes part of the normal messaging workflow.

Outlook Screenshot

Customized Client logo

No Key transfer or storage
between clients or on servers

Individualized encryption
for multiple recipients

All field encryption

No forwarding option,
for distribution management



Advanced Encryption Standard certified
AES Encryption
National Institute of Standards and Technology

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