Virtual Tunneling Effect


VTE Worldwide at Secure Bermuda 2016.

Navigating the Cybersecurity Storm while Building Enduring Trust

Hamilton, Bermuda. August 9, 2016 — VTE Worldwide Managing Director David VanderNoot and consultant Charles Bleistein participated in Secure Bermuda 2016, held at the Hamilton Princess Hotel during a one-day event that brought together industry leading intelligence from expert cybersecurity thought leaders and innovators.

Secure Bermuda 2016 was set to equip delegates with the tools needed to cope in an increasingly complex landscape, and build strong cybersecurity strategies.

David VanderNoot presented “VTE - Virtual Tunneling Effect for Secure Data Transfer” to an audience of approximately 150 participants. The importance of VTE’s many solutions is timely to an important array of challenges, including key theft, which becomes physically impossible, since security keys never exist in the data pathway, or on storage drives.

The crowd of experts was also enthusiastic to hear that key management and security certificates would no longer be necessary. Data at Rest is also secured with VTE.

Mr. Bleistein moderated an expert panel discussion on “Cybersecurity in Healthcare, Banking and Finance, Education and Retail: The State of Security Under Constant Attack ”.

The conference, sponsored in part by VTE Worldwide, took place on Wednesday, August 10 th , 2016.

The agenda (as of August 10) can be found under 'Agenda' here.

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