May 31, 2016
CSE Department Faculty to Study and Apply VTE

USF Professors Ligatti, Liu, and Goldgof have begun a project entitled “Analysis of Cryptographic Primitives and Protocols” to document the properties and performance of a new technology known as VTE, for Virtual Tunneling Effect. VTE is a cryptographic technique in which keys are neither transferred nor stored.

The project has been awarded matching funding from the State of Florida High Tech Corridor.

The project aims to evaluate, identify, define, and expand on applications for VTE, and to articulate the novelty and desired properties of the new systems.

The project is expected to include the study of new system designs and the related research on key generation and associated elimination of conventional key distribution and storage as part of the innovation. The scope of work includes the formalization of the primary cryptographic primitives and protocols, verifying that those primitives and protocols satisfy desired properties, such as that the new systems maintain secrecy while obviating key distribution and PKIs, and that the new systems properly form AES keys. VTE currently utilizes AES and is certified by NIST.

March 17, 2017

The Virtual Tunneling Effect Technology (VTE) has been formally analyzed by The University of South Florida's Computer Science and Engineering Department (CSE) to conclude that: (1) VTE provides the benefits claimed and establishes confidential communication channels, and (2) VTE is compatible with critical NIST and PCI guidelines, and (3) VTE has a formal model that has been verified with the ProVerif model checker.

ProVerif has verified that a model of VTE communications satisfies confidentiality such that: - An attacker cannot obtain secret keys or plaintexts. - Authenticity is verified. - Receivers can verify message sources and integrity. - Receivers can detect modifications of cipher texts.

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