Virtual Tunneling Effect

VTE is a technology that has been invented to eliminate an important vulnerable link in data
security; the transfer, distribution and storage of security keys.

The technology utilizes newly discovered architecture in the properties and behavior of matter to independently and dynamically create identical security keys and authentication in a secure data exchange.

Only encrypted information is transferred.
Key theft is physically impossible, because security keys never exist in the data pathway, or on storage drives.

VTE technology eliminates key transfer, sharing and storage, eliminating a vulnerable link in data security.
The technology is not a variation of current concepts used in PKI, random or pseudo-random number generation. It can be used in worldwide applications including e-commerce, mobile commerce & telecommunications, document or information exchange. It is also ready for development and deployment as a licensable core technology.

As a class/component, VTE is OEM-ready for licensing or customization for small office or enterprise level applications. It has been peer reviewed by noted security experts. Key management and Security Certificates can be integrated for powerful hybrid protocols, phased out or eliminated through the equally advanced authentication.

Because VTE removes the transfer, distribution and storage of keys, there are no keys to steal. Instead of PKI, keys are generated dynamically or on-demand at the origin and destination of encrypted data. The dynamically generated keys are AES compliant.

It can be used to secure document exchange, data transfer, messaging or voice, transactions, client remittance services, cloud services, router/firewalls, and device controls (Grid Security) effectively.

This is done with AES certified encryption and complete absence of PKI.
It can be used to improve DNSSEC due to advanced authentication/verification. Due to independence from PKI or shared key processes, VTE is unique in that it can also be used for offline encryption.
VTE is intended for encryption and security of information.

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